A Brighter Future for Your Child

Give your child a brighter future through education. We help promising students across Africa pursue their studies after secondary school by providing accessible loans.

Fund Your Students Educational Dreams & Career Aspirations

You understand the importance of education in enabling your student to get ahead in life. Finding funds to support your student’s dream, however, can be difficult. SFA can help you.

As parents, do you worry about:

  • Having no credit history to apply for loans from banks?
  • Finding extra jobs to help your kids get through school?
  • Enabling your student to focus solely on her education?

We partner with leading schools across Africa to enable students to pursue their dreams and to help their families to finance those dreams. Our loans are accessible and tailored to the African marketplace. We employ alternative credit scoring models and other variables to ensure that our loans are inclusive and work for you.

Student Stories

James is the youngest in a family of 4 raised by a single mother. He is now studying to be a dentist.

I got admitted to university in 2016, but didn’t the have the finances. It broke my heart. My mom spent her savings on my sister to take her to school.

Without SFA, I would not have been able to travel to Rwanda from Kenya and see my dreams coming into being. I am grateful. I think there are more people out there like me.

James Nyachio, University of Rwanda, Rwanda

Why Student Finance Africa?

We are accessible.

Families across Africa need a educational loan solution that makes post-secondary education attainable. Our loans are built to meet financial needs without stress and complications.

Some banks offer student loans but require collateral and an existing banking relationship. Often, repayment periods are short, and the loans don’t cover what you need. Also, many use traditional credit scores, and most people in Africa (80%!) don’t have a credit history. To banks, most borrowers seem risky.

Government programs are helpful, but often they serve the very poor. Even if you qualify for government assistance, it’s rarely even enough to cover a year of school fees.

SFA works with you and your family to meet your needs through an innovative financing approach. We break down the barriers to accessing financing.

Give your student a brighter future through education.

How Student Finance Africa Works

We partner with leading schools across Africa that are proven to help students get successfully employed. Currently, we are adding programs regularly. If you don’t see your program, let us know.

Applying for an SFA loan is easy — here is how it works.

  1. Application

    We require that a student applies with a primary borrower such as a parent or guardian. Access the SFA loan application above.

  2. Selection & Funding

    SFA provides students and parents/guardians with loans by using alternative data and a combination of demographic, geographic, financial, and other social indicators through mobile data.

  3. Repayment

    You and your student start paying back the loan while the student is in school in order to build your credit profile and your student's credit profile. Payment continues after she graduates and is working.

    • SFA lends up to 80% of the needed amount for attending classes.

    • SFA pays the educational institution on behalf of its borrowers.

    • Monthly payments are made directly to SFA.

    • Once monthly payments have been made and the student maintains satisfactory grades, SFA releases the tuition needed for the next term directly to the school.

To learn more read our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.

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An Experienced Team to Help You Achieve Your Loan Needs

To meet the financing gap for post-secondary loans, founder and CEO, Jennifer R. White, has assembled a core team of African and international experts in capital markets, data analytics and business strategy with over 30 years of combined experience.

The SFA team has worked across the world on behalf of global institutions including governments, leading financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies, international foundations and development finance institutions.


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Student Finance Africa can help you fund your educational dreams and career aspirations.

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