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Mobilizing Private Capital for African Higher Education: Essential for Accelerating the SDGs

Financing the higher education of African students, including in global universities, can be structured to attract private capital. Last week, I was humbled to be a speaker at the “FT Investing for Good USA: Mobilizing Private Capital to Meet the SDGs,” an event by Financial Times Live in New York. Together with John Duong, Managing Director

14 scholarships and bursaries you can apply for right now

South Africa’s universities will soon open their doors to the class of 2019, with thousands of new students expected to fill lecture halls and classrooms on their way to getting various qualifications on offer. Bursaries are offered by institutions and companies to make it affordable for people to study who would otherwise not be able

Closing the gender gap in African labor markets is good economics

Differing levels of economic advancement, social stigma, and religion all govern norms on whether a woman should be in the labor market, her occupation, and compensation. While progress had been made in gender equality in global labor markets thanks to economic and social advancement, progress is more limited in Africa due to high poverty and

Quartz Africa – Exam scores are being used to build student loan credit reports in Kenya

Just 4.4 % of Kenya’s 45 million citizens have a personal bank loan, compared to the almost 80% of Americans with some form of credit facility, a situation that has developed from the sheer infeasibility of collecting adequate data on much of the population. In Kenya—and Africa in general, where 80% of people lack access

Disrupt Africa – Student Finance Africa launches in Kenya with FSD support

Alternative-lending startup Student Finance Africa (SFA) has launched in Kenya with the financial support of FSD Kenya, providing educational loans to Moringa School and other technical programmes in Nairobi. Disrupt Africa first reported on SFA, which is the first private student loan company in Sub-Saharan Africa outside of South Africa and leverages the power of

BBC – Can start-ups stop the world’s students drowning in debt?

It’s tough being a student these days. Debt levels are reaching crisis proportions in many developed countries, the World Bank says. And in many developing countries, aspiring students can’t get finance at all. In the US, where private funding is the norm, $1.3 trillion (£1tn) in education loans is outstanding. In the UK, the government-backed

Disrupt Africa – Kenya’s SFA leverages data analytics to change face of student finance

Kenya-based startup Student Finance Africa (SFA), the first private student loan company in Sub-Saharan Africa outside of South Africa, is leveraging the power of alternative data analytics to make student loans more affordable and financially inclusive. Launched in July 2015 by chief executive officer (CEO) Jennifer White, SFA provides tuition loans for higher education to