Customer Stories

My academic life struggle changed for the better when I joined the SFA.
Prior to being a beneficiary of the SFA, I was missing out semesters due to inconsistent payment schedules to the university by my sponsors. All this stopped when I applied and qualified for the SFA loans. This innovative student financial loan program performs wonders. For students who come from the war zones like Somalia, DRC, Central African Republic and the Sudans, I know you need this program because I am one of you. Apply and make your dream a reality.

Muon / South Sudan

SFA has allowed me to pay my son’s fees in flexible installments and enabled him to complete his studies uninterrupted. I am forever indebted to SFA for this. The staff is so friendly and understanding. Sometimes am late paying the monthly installments and when I request for extension of deadlines. SFA has always granted my request. Matters are handled professionally and any concerns promptly attended to by the staff.

Jane / Kenya

SFA to be honest was Godsend! The student (my younger brother) I was supporting actually got an admission to Moringa coding school earlier but deferred due to lack of funds and his second admission also came when I was still not ready financially. I was staring another failed attempt but SFA came to my rescue.

Odipo / Kenya

I am very grateful to Student Finance Africa for offering me a loan that covered my Moringa Core Program and saved me two years of my life. Thank you SFA for granting me this opportunity to study and better my life.

Kiptengtech / Kenya

I learnt about SFA when I really needed it the most. My family did not have the right capabilities for me to join a university program but thanks to SFA, I’m now on my last semester. This far we’ve come, I appreciate all their timely efforts without failure.

Sagini / Kenya